Bringing warmth and comfort to your home with our heating solutions

When it comes to heating solutions, we have the right advice, products and services to ensure your home is comfortable and warm, whatever the weather!

No matter what the weather’s doing, our heating specialists can make sure your home is always at the perfect temperature. We know that everyone has different preferences and requirements, that’s why we offer a range of home heating options to suit the size of your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

Whether you’re after gas heating, fires, solar water heating or underfloor heating, the team at Plumbing & Heating Centre have the experience, knowledge and products to make sure your home is warm and cosy.

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Installation, maintenance and repairs

No matter which heating option you choose, we are your one stop shop! We can provide you with the products, we can install them, carry out maintenance when required, and if necessary, we can repair them too.

Gas heating – instant, clean and hassle free!

We love the efficiency of gas heating, having enhanced the comfort of many homes in Dargaville and throughout the Kaipara area with our gas heating solutions.

We stock an impressive range of gas heaters to suit any size and style of home, and we can give you helpful advice on which one is right for you.

See our gas fitting page for more information for the gas fitting services we offer.

Gas water heaters – never ending, instant hot water

For water heating, nothing beats the efficiency and control of gas. Once you’ve experienced the immediacy of gas heated water, you’ll never go back to a conventional water heating system again!

We stock a range of Rheem gas water heating systems and can advise you on which one is best for your needs.

Harness the power of the sun with solar water heating

If you like the idea of taking advantage of a free energy source, then you should consider a solar water heating system. Solar water heating is a great option for homes in New Zealand because of the high number of sunshine hours we get each year.

Solar Water heating systems

We’re experienced at installing solar water heating systems and can supply a range of solar heating systems. If you need advice on which option is best for you, we are happy to give you advice – call us now to enquire!

Underfloor heating – the ultimate home heating solution

If you’re serious about heating your home, then underfloor heating is for you. There’s no better way of efficiently heating your whole home than with this heating system, as it provides a constant supply of radiant heat which distributes heat evenly, providing the ultimate home heating option.

Our experienced team installs underfloor heating systems for customers all over Dargaville and Kaipara district, whether it be in new builds or existing homes.

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