Water Tanks

With the Northland dry summers, it makes sense to harvest your rainfall so it can be used for your daily household or farm needs and even watering your garden or washing your car.

Harvesting your rainfall from your spouting is a cost efficient way to use water.  Click here to find out what kind of spouting systems we work with.  Water stored in tanks for a long period of time can start to grown bacteria and contaminates so it isn’t safe to drink.  We can install your tank with a filtration system that purifies the water before it gets to your taps – click here to find out more.

We supply all size water tanks ranging from 400L – 30,000L with your own desired size and colour.  These polyethylene plastic water tanks not only keep water fresh, but they are affordable, durable, they don’t fade or rust and are resistant to droughts.  We favour the Promax and Bailey Tanks as they are quality and have long reliable warranties.

If you are needing a new tank installed, we can take care of the whole process for you – from ordering the tank, delivering it to site, preparing the site and connecting the tank to your house or farm plumbing lines.

Save your Water = Save Money

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