Complete filtration systems for your home or farm

Clean water is something we often take for granted – we turn on a tap and we expect to have pure, safe water.  Whether your water source comes from a spring, bore, mains town supply or is harvested from your roof – if you live in a rural area where town supply is not an option – then you need to take water filtration seriously.

For farm or household water filtration systems, Plumbing & Heating have staff with the experience and the knowledge to design, install and maintain the right system for you.  We offer complete water filtration services, from water diagnostic services, to installing complete new water filtration systems, we’ll make sure your water is clean and safe.

Mains or Town Water Supply
Mains water supply is usually considered a safe to drink, however, government standards require town supply water to go through specific treatement processes which can often leave chemicals behind that affect the taste and quality of the water.  A simple under bench filter may be the solution for you instead of having to buy bottled water all the time!

Rainwater Supply
Save money by harvesting your rainwater for everyday use.  Rainwater is an amazing, natural source of water, however it can pick up sediments, bacteria and other contaminants especially if you live on the farm or by a dirt track and they can affect water safety and taste before you drink it.  Plumbing & Heating Centre supply and install filters that can remove these sediments, kill bacteria like Ecoli and parasites with a Radfire ultraviolet technology to ensure you will have clean and safe drinking water.

Water diagnostic services

The most effective way of guaranteeing your water source is safe is to have diagnostics carried out.

Our staff can come out to your property to take samples of your water which we then send away to get tested.  From there we can design a water system that effectively meets your needs.

For those of you who know how, we stock all the replacement filters, housings, O-rings and more in our Jervois St showroom.

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