Waste Disposers

InSinkErator is our most favoured brand of food waste disposers.  We also supply and install other cheaper brands such as Parmco and Robinhood as these are more affordable for householders, however they haven’t proved to be as quality as InSinkErator.

Many people believe food waste disposers will cause their drainage pipes to block.  However most of the modern waste disposers, if used correctly, have the ability to grind food waste into very small particles, making it the same density as water and allowing it to flow freely down the sewerage pipes to the septic tank or wastewater treatment plant.

Do not pour fats, oils or grease down your drains – this applies to your food waste disposer, kitchen sink, drain or toilet.  Fats, oils and grease can build up over time and create large soap-like deposits in your pipes, causing bad blockages.

“Food waste disposers offer an alternative to composting, but only 36% of New Zealand homes have one installed”

Some clients complain that their food waste disposer is noisy.  The InSinkErator Evolution model has InSinkErator Sound Limiter™ insulation and Anti-vibration mount® technology which means it can operate with hardly any noise as opposed to standard disposers.  If a good quality sink is installed with the waste disposer, the vibration noise will be lessened as well.

You can have either a single or double sink bowl to have a food waste disposer installed.  If you have a standard 40mm plug in your sink, a larger hole will need to be cut in order to fit the new waste disposer.

Many clients have been advised that food waste disposers cannot be used when you run off a septic tank.  However, some disposers are designed specifically for septic tanks for example the InSinkErator Septic2000.  Waste disposers only use approximately the same amount of water as one toilet flush.  So depending on what type of septic system you have, if your septic can cope with dishwasher waste or washing machine waste, it should be able to cope with a waste disposer.

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