For atmosphere, economy and warmth – you can’t beat a wood fire!  Experience the comfort and efficiency of a quality wood fire.  There’s nothing like a wood fire for creating comfort and warmth in your home.  Thanks to advances in wood fire design, they are an efficient and cost-effective home heating option.

There are a huge variety of woodfire brands in New Zealand and it can be difficult deciding on which fire you want to go with.  We stock, service and supply a range of solid fuel burners from leading manufacturers in New Zealand, such as MasportMetroWagener and Firenzo that look great in any home – modern or antique!  We can also supply and service other commonly known woodfires such as KentPyroclassic and Woodsman and Yunca.  Whatever your tastes and requirements, we can advise you on the best wood fire options that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Choosing a fire comes down to personal preference on size and design.  When making your final decision it is important to weigh up the heat outputs, efficiency ratings and maintenance costs between the cheaper models vs. the more expensive models.

Woodfire Council Consent

In the Kaipara District a new permit is required from the council if you are installing a new fire, whether it be a replacement or a brand new installation.  All woodfire permits take a minimum of 20 working days to be processed.  With exclusive access to the Kaipara District Council portal we can see keep track on the permit process.

Other local councils such as the Whangarei District Council and Far North District Council also require consents for new or replacement fireplaces – these councils may take longer than 20 working days to process permit information.

Our team can look after the whole building consent process, installation and final inspections from start to finish taking the inconveniences away from the homeowner.

Warmer Kiwi Homes

Warmer Kiwi Homes is a Government program offering grants covering 80% of the cost of approved heaters. To be eligible for a heater grant, homeowners must have ceiling and underfloor insulation to EECA standards (heater grants are capped at $3,000 incl GST).
Check eligibility here

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Wetbacks & Water Boosters

Looking for a cost-effective option for water heating?  Wetback systems use the free heat from your fire to heat your water, making them a fantastic option and money saver for every homeowner.  Most the manufacturers of the woodfires we supply have a model in their range that can have a wetback or water booster fitted.

Wetback systems heat your water with heat from the fire, therefore reducing your water heating costs.  In order to take advantage of a wood fire wetback, your hot water cylinder must have wetback connections so the pipes can be connected accordingly.
Wetback systems are a pipe arrangement that fits inside the woodfire box and is connected to copper pipes connecting to your hot water cylinder.  Water is circulated through the pipes, cold water flowing down the pipes from the hot water cylinder to the wetback (as it is heavier when it is cold).  When the water reaches the wetback in the fire it is heated by the heat of the flames, then the water rises back to the cylinder, as it is hotter than when entering.  In the cylinder, the hot water is always sitting at the top as ‘heat rises’ and cold water sinks to the bottom.

The performance of a wetback system can be impacted by the type of fuel being burnt, the time the fire is operating and distance between the hot water cylinder and the wood fire.  Ideal wetback systems are when the hot water cylinder is installed directly through the wall, behind or beside the woodfire.  This way the water doesn’t have far to circulate between the solid fuel burner and the hot water cylinder.

There are different wetbacks to suit each fire and some wetbacks need to be fitted at the time of manufacturing.  We can install wetback systems in new fires or replace existing old burnt out wetbacks.  Make the most of your wood fire and enquire now so our friendly team can help you out!

Need advice on the best home heating option for you?

There are so many heating options that it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. Our staff can guide you with your decision, and we’re only too happy to give advice on the heating products and services we offer.

When you visit our showroom, you’ll get one to one attention from our staff who can give you all the information you need, and show you the different products we stock to make an informed decision.

Plumbing & Heating back-up service

As with all our products and services, you can rely on us to provide you with a back up service for spare parts or a chimney clean, so if you experience any problems with your woodfire we’ve installed, contact us and we’ll put it right!


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