Plumbing Installation & Pipework

If you’re building a new residential house, commercial building, doing major renovations or just needing some old pipework replaced our team is capable of installing the right specialist plumbing for your needs from the subfloor right through to fitting off with kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Plumbing systems can be complex and each system varies.  With newbuilds or renovations, we work in with other contractors and will get all the in wall plumbing done while the wall linings are still off.  When it comes to repairing plumbing leaks or cracks in pipes, sometimes the gib wall needs to be cut open to access and repair the leak – if this is your case, a builder will be required to repair the wall.

New builds:  Before commencing with any works, all plumbing & drainage requirements will be priced from floor plans supplied by the architect.  With installation we will work alongside the project manager or homeowner as to dates for subfloor plumbing, pipe out and fit off.
Renovations:  One of our team will come to site to scope the project, we will come up with a solution to fit your needs and price accordingly.  Again with installation we will work closely with the homeowner and other contractors involved in the renovation project in order to get a high quality outcome.

The most common pipework we use for running hot and cold water is the Dux Secura pipe and fittings along with the standard high pressure PVC pipe.  We also work with other types of pipework such as Fusio, Rehau and Buteline.  Pumps and troughs are generally connected with low density alkathene pipe, water mains are usually run in MDPE Blueline pipe.  We stock all pipe and fittings at our shop at 102 Jervois Street, Dargaville which is open to retail customers five days a week.

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