Chimney Sweeps

At Plumbing & Heating Centre, we understand the importance of keeping your chimney clean and in good working order. That’s why we offer comprehensive chimney cleaning services to keep your fireplace safe, efficient, and ready to use. Our team of NZ Home Heating Association approved woodfire technicians are trained and equipped to handle all your chimney cleaning needs.

Why Clean Your Chimney Annually?

Annual chimney cleaning is recommended for insurance purposes. It’s important to remove any debris, such as birds’ nests or dead animals, that may have found its way into your chimney over the summer period. This will ensure that your fireplace is ready to use when winter comes around.

Importance of Dry Wood

We suggest burning dry wood only. This means that the tree that your firewood comes from should have fallen at least 12 months prior to use. Dry wood should also be stored in a dry place. Storing firewood outside in the elements can cause it to absorb moisture. This can make it difficult to ignite and result in a smokey fire which leads to a buildup of soot and creosote in the chimney.

Comprehensive Chimney Cleaning Services

Our team of woodfire technicians can sweep your chimney, inspect your fire box for safety, and replace any broken parts if needed. We keep a large stock of woodfire parts and flue at our shop in Dargaville, so you can be sure we’ll have what you need to get your fireplace up and running safely.

Chimney Clean Request

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